+LWML - Lutheran Women in Mission+
Lutheran Women's Missionary League
of the North Wisconsin District

This organization of Lutheran Christian women exists to affirm
each woman in her relationship with the Lord  to enable her
to be in ministry among the people of the world.

2990 Dam Road, Rhinelander WI 54501
nwdlwml@nwdlwml.org - www.nwdlwml.org

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From President Linda Pelot
    In case you have not heard, Jonah and the Whale, BFF (Best Friends Forever), were special guests at the Christian Life workshop held in Wausau on January 18th. In preparation for that, I had read and reread the story of Jonah. I was reminded of the struggle that I had with God and with myself before I put my name in for the position that I currently hold. I did not feel capable. I did not feel ready. I spent two weeks giving God excuses as to why I could and did not want to serve. It is a big commitment, and I was not capable. But what I was forgetting that when we are asked by God to serve Him, we do not have to be capable, we only need to be willing.
    God loves to put us in a position where we know that we cannot do things on our own. He wants us to learn to have to rely on Him for every aspect of what we do. And so began an amazing journey of service. So I ask you to honestly ask God if He wants you to serve in a more demanding position within the LWML. It is a wonderful organization of mission and service and utilizes the skills of almost 3500 members within the district. And if God has been tapping you on the shoulder to put your name in for nomination on the district board, or within your society or zone, do not do like Jonah did and try to run away.
    We are born with certain work that God has prepared for us to be doing. Do not run away!  Serving Him in the LWML and walking with Jesus at your side because you really feel out of your comfort zone is an amazing journey.  If you are ready to be blessed, you will not run away.

Former LWML District President Dies

     It is with sadness that I must report that Lois Kroenke has lost her battle with leukemia and gone to her heavenly home on April 16, 2014.  Her last days were spent at Maple Lane in the Town of Belle Plaine with her husband, Robert.  Lois had served the LWML so faithfully as District President from 1958-1962. From 1965-1971 Lois and her husband served as missionaries to New Guinea where her skilled husband, Bob, constructed many of the mission buildings.  Their mission story is published in their book titled “Letters from New Guinea.”
She was a faithful member of St. Jakobi Lutheran Church, but so much more than that, she was a faithful servant to our Lord.  She never failed to point people to Jesus and knew just the right words to say to remind people of their eternal importance to God and His great love for each of them.  Her gardening skills were out of this world and when I asked her the “secret,” she replied that she forked her grass clippings into her garden throughout the summer to add compost continuously.  She was slight of stature, but mighty of deed, full of boundless energy, and a joyful servant of the Lord. She will be greatly missed by all those who knew and loved her.  Our loss is heaven’s gain -- Lois has gone home.
Her full obituary can be found on www.swedbergfuneralhome.com

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